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Cost Control

Submetering controls costs through managing incentives

LEED Support

Quadlogic submeters are eligible for Energy & Atmosphere LEED credits

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Submetering Hardware

Quadlogic provides a full range of electric power meters for all residential and commercial billing and energy monitoring applications. Remote readability using Power Line Communications is standard in all QLC meters.

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Single-Point Submeters

Utility-grade meters for measuring, logging, and communicating for individual loads. Native Power Line Communications included.

Multi-Point Submeters

Utility-grade meters for measuring, logging, and communicating up to 24 loads. Native Power Line Communications included.

Data Collection & Communications

Data concentration for use in Power Line Communications systems.
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Submetering Services

Quadlogic remains your partner through the life of your submetering system. We provide one-stop shopping from providing hardware to testing, maintenance, and billing services.

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Tenant Billing
Custom billing of all utility consumption (electricity, water, gas, steam, BTU, others) and rates. Import our data directly into your building management software system.
Energy Sourcing
Find out if our team of experts can help you find better rates for your electricity and natural gas services.
Regulatory Support
Quadlogic provides guidance and support in preparing submetering petitions before for the New York State Public Service Commission.
NY DPS In-Service Testing
We'll bring our proprietary labratory-grade meter tester to you for compliance with annual PSC In-Service Test requirements.

Residential Products at a Glance

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In-Apartment Meter
Residential NY DPS Approved
Multi-Tenant Meter
Wired Communication Capable
3-phase Capable
Pulse In Capable
ANSI Socket Compliance

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For high-density metering for up to 24 circuits.


  • Commercial and residential applications

  • Full two-way communications and integrated PLC

  • Interval data down to 5 minutes (kWh and kW)

  • Dimensions: 18.00”H x 9.8”W x 6.0”D (H45.7cm x W22.9cm x 15.2cm)

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For in-apartment installation. Flush or surface mounted.


  • In-unit meter (for customer data access through LCD) with revenue-grade accuracy

  • Interval data down to 5 minutes (kWh & kW)

  • Surface Mount Dimensions: 3.75” x H 8.25”W x 3”D

  • Flush Mount Dimensions: 3.625”H x 8”W x 3”D / Face Plate: 6.5”H x 11”W

Additional Details

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  • Solution for retrofitting traditional meter banks

  • Available in standard ANSI forms, Class 200 and Class 10

  • Integrated PLC

  • Dimensions: 6.9" Diameter x 5.6”D

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  • Central data collector and single collection point for both commercial and residential applications

  • Supports to 240 metering points for Submetering or 700 metering points for Utilities

  • Non-volatile flash memory

  • Dimensions: 13.5”H x 8.5”W x 4.5”D

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