Quadlogic Controls

Complete Submetering Solutions for New or Existing Construction

A leader in Submetering technology since 1982

Quadlogic Controls designs and manufactures revenue-grade electrical submeters for tenant billing and energy management applications.

Deployed in mission-critical operations worldwide and compatible with leading property automation and information systems, Quadlogic submeters allow property managers and building owners to bill tenants while reducing energy consumption. Quadlogic submetering solutions can be deployed in new or existing construction, easily integrating with existing building and financial systems.

Quadlogic's systems have been successfully deployed by submetering companies, property owners, building system integrators, and local distribution companies since 1982.

Quadlogic is a subsidiary of Metergy Solutions Inc., one of North America's most experienced submetering providers.


On July 20th, 2022, Metergy Solutions closed the acquisition of Quadlogic Controls Corporation. This acquisition makes Metergy the number one submetering provider in New York and one of the largest submetering providers in North America.

Together, the complementary electric submeter product lines from both Quadlogic and Triacta Power Solutions (a wholly owned subsidiary of Metergy) give Metergy a scalable platform to drive continued innovation in the services and solutions we offer our clients.

For more information about the transaction, refer to this press release.

For more information about Metergy Solutions, see www.metergysolutions.com.

Quadlogic Management Team

Curtis Parks
General Manager
Jordon Herzog
Director, Technology
James Bradley
Director, Customer Operations
Crystal Peterson
Director, Finance
Haiqun Lu
Director, Operations
Enrique Castillo
Senior Manager, Field Services
Mahy Helal
Manager, Human Resources

Metergy Management Team

Adrien Deveau
Kevin Neild
Chief Customer Officer & Senior VP, IT
Wilson Chung
Senior Vice President, Field Operations
Craig Thornton
Chief Revenue Officer
James Brooks
Chief Financial Officer
Chelsea Provencher
Chief Legal Officer & Senior VP, HR