Submetering Support services

From hardware provision to testing, maintenance, and billing services, Quadlogic remains your partner through the life of your submetering system.

Tenant Billing

Custom billing of all utility consumption (electricity, water, gas, steam, BTU, others) and rates. Import our data directly into your building management software system.


NY DPS In-Service Testing

We'll bring our proprietary labratory-grade meter tester to you for compliance with annual PSC In-Service Test requirements.


Regulatory Support

Quadlogic provides guidance and support in preparing submetering petitions before for the New York State Public Service Commission.


Qmmunicate Request Form

Submit a request for the Qmmunicate software application to assist you with your QBrick configuration needs! We'll get right back to you!


Utility systems

Quadlogic Controls has developed effective solutions for electric utilities experiencing “Theft-of-Service” or non-technical losses. These unauthorized loads not only reduce revenue and waste energy, they also place stresses on the grid by increasing demand and accelerating transformer failures due to unbalanced loads.  Quadlogic’s Energy Guard enables remote connection and disconnection of electric service, remote meter reading, and provides in-house display of account status and messaging. The Energy Guard has provided dramatic loss reduction for utilities in Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica, and is currently in trials in several countries. In 2011 Quadlogic won the Wall Street Journal's "Most Innovative Company" competition for its development of Energy Guard.

For more information check out the Energy Guard Brochure:
Winner of the 2011 WSJ "Most Innovative Company"