Reading & Billing

Quadlogic’s Client Services division provides tenant electric billing and meter maintenance for over 250 New York Metro area properties including world-famous New York City landmark buildings.
Our services include:

Tenant Meter Reading & Billing

– Remote Meter Reading and Tenant Electric Billing

– Off-Cycle Meter Reads for Property Sales, Move-ins/outs, etc.

– Custom-design Management Reporting

– Compatibility with Client Accounting System

Most Reading and Billing companies do not manufacture meters. Since Quadlogic offers both, our Reading and Billing clients benefit from an end-to-end metering solution. We take care of you from the point-of-sale to monthly tenant billing.
Using our patented remote communications system, we gather monthly electric usage data without entering the premises. Our team of analysts download the information, review the data and prepare monthly tenant electric bills. The bills are delivered the way you want them – – to the management company or directly to the tenants. We take pride in allocating your energy costs properly so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Off-Cycle Meter Reads for Property Sales, Move-ins/outs, etc.
Because our meters are read remotely, Quadlogic’s system is ideal for handling special situations like tenant move-ins, move outs and condo closings. Just let us know the change date, and for a nominal fee we will prepare customized bills for both old and new tenants. These can be presented at condo closings and on moving days so there is no loss of revenue to the building.

Custom-design Management Reporting
Our Customer Service Representatives will work with you to design a comprehensive monthly report that includes a summary of electric consumption and charges for both the building and each tenant.

Compatibility with Client Accounting Systems
Quadologic billing can be adapted to interface with most accounting software programs. The billing output file will be designed to meet your individual specifications. It is transmitted electronically to allow seamless integration into monthly rent, maintenance statements and other management reports.

Application Processing: New York Public Service Commission Approval
In many cases, submetering in New York State requires the approval of the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC). Quadlogic makes this process easy for you by preparing, submitting and overseeing the petition process. If the petition is complete and filed properly and the building is perceived to be operating fairly and in compliance with the intent of the requirements, it has been our experience that the PSC typically approves submetering projects.

Service & Maintenance Plans

Quadlogic offers complete Service and Maintenance Plans for the ongoing care of your metering equipment. Under this plan, Quadlogic will routinely and remotely run diagnostic testing on the equipment, maintain communications and repair or replace any malfunctioning equipment. Please contact us for information and pricing.