Quadlogic announces the signing of a new Representative Company in the State of Florida.

Coresential, www.coresential.com, with headquarters at 1201 N 50 th Street, Tampa FL 33619, has agreed to represent Quadlogic Controls Company in the state of Florida. Coresential is a full

service electrical representative agency with salespeople located in all major cities in the state of Florida.

“One of the key reasons that we selected Coresential as our representative is that they have four specification specialists that visit Professional Engineering firms and Architects. As a

manufacturer of electric submetering systems it’s essential that Quadlogic systems be considered at the earliest possible stages of building design. Working with engineers at the front end of the

cycle allows the building to take advantage of all the benefits of submetering, at the lowest possible installed cost.” Says Phil Fram, VP Sales and Marketing for Quadlogic.

Joe Tumlin, President Commercial Division of Coresential says, “Quadlogic fits nicely into our market basket of technical products that require design-in at the engineer’s desk. We look

forward to long and profitable relationship with Quadlogic.” Quadlogic, www.quadlogic.com, with headquarters located in New York City, has been a

designer manufacture and marketer of electric submeters and submetering systems for over thirty-five years.

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