NOTE: Effective September 1, 2016, Quadlogic no longer provides standard service options for Family 1, 2, 3, and 4 meter systems. Please contact [email protected] for upgrade options.


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Data Collector   
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Communications Module  
  RSM5, ST5    
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  Water, Gas and BTU Interface(MC-5)
Pulse Data Module
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  MC-5c, RSM5, ST5    
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Data Collector   
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QLC Submetering Spec (MS Word) QLC Submetering Spec (PDF)


Product Notifications Notification Release Date
Quadlogic Submeter Calibration Requirements November 20, 2013
PN Generation–4 Discontinuation-2.2.R July 25, 2008
PN RSM-5 Improvements-4.3.R December 22, 2006
PN Wire Specification-2.1.R December 11, 2006
All State of California Approvals Quadlogic Controls Corp Certification


Service Bulletin Symptom (s) Date of Manufacture Bulletin
Release Date
SB ST-5 Software Issue V3.2
  • CRITICAL: All Scan-Transponder-5’s are affected
Prior to Oct 1, 2007 Oct 25, 2007
SB Defective Fuseblock-v1
  • Zero voltage displayed for Phase A
  • Meter does not communicate with ST
  • Quarter-Amp fuse in the fuse block is blown
Feb-Jul 2005 Apr 27, 2006
SB Mislabeled Split Core CT-v1
  • Negative current reading in Phase diagnostics and/or no kWh registration
Apr 2004-Jan 2006 Feb 27, 2006
SB Defective MiniCloset-5 MCI-v1
  • MC5: Incorrect or no readings for certain meter points only
Jul 1-Nov 14, 2005 Dec 23, 2005 
SB 0138 Software-v1
  • 12:00am-12:15am kW/kWh spike
Apr 1-Aug 15, 2005  Oct 11, 2005