Approval for 10-year Re-Verification

Quadlogic is pleased to announce that Measurement Canada has approved Quadlogic MC5 and MC5c high-density meters for a 10 year Initial Reverification Period. This is a major achievement and confirms the long term accuracy of Quadlogic meters. Previously QLC meters were approved for a six year Initial Reverification Period. This revised Reverification Period to 10 years is effective immediately for any meters sealed after January 1, 2007. The Measurement Canada bulletin E-28 will be revised sometime this fall to reflect the change.

Manufacture Model(s) Approval No. Rating/Configuration
Controls Corp.
MC-5 & MC-5c AE-1148 1 element, 2 wire, 2 element,
3 wire, 3 element, 4 wire, Wye

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